What’s Up?!

It has been a while since my last update but my project is moving along!

Carrie Mae and I are working on connecting the LEDs, as seen in above pictures we had to dig through a huge container of these resistors! Talk about trying to find a piece of hay in a NEEDLE stack! haha. But we did find a great website that would calculate which resistor we would need when connecting certain LEDs with a specific source of energy,

It has been a long process but it’s been interesting the whole way through! Can’t wait to finish!!!!

if you can picture it…..

Change of plans, slightly.

So I’ve discovered that knitting approx. 20 feet is not time efficient nor cost efficient. So instead I will knit with copper wire for four inches and then knit with acrylic yarn and then have four inches of knit copper wire on the top, so that the yarn piece would be in between the two copper pieces. The LED lights will then be placed into the knit piece and strung with copper wire within that ans then have that connected to both of the copper sides on top and bottom. 

The knit copper pieces will then be connected to batteries and thus the LED lights will be lit! 


From my research I came upon the concept of “yarn bombing” where knitters go out and knit objects that look cold. Then Carrie Mae also pointed out an artist from Dumbo who worked with LED lights.

So I came up with an idea to yarn bomb Eyebeam by knitting with a flexible copper wire to cover a large pole of object within the space and also weave in the lights to make it light up.

Getting excited to start!


LED lights

Knitting needles

Copper wire

Energy source

What I’m thinking about creating:

I’m thinking of creating a wooden frame, pretty big maybe 7-8 feet by 7-8 feet.

Within the wooden frame will be a woven yarn piece.

Within that weaved piece there will be conductable thread that will either trigger noises to a computer to play. I’m also thinking that using lights within the thread that would light up when people would touch it.

Something else I’m thinking about is if it’s possible to have people wearing certain conductable pieces that would trigger different effects to the weaved piece and what happens when I finally figure it out. 

I’ll need wool or yarn, pieces of wood, a drill to drill holes for the weaved piece, conducting thread, maybe LED lights.

ideas from today

i researched these lights that are on copper wire that seems like it’d be easy to work with and create something that would be close to what i was thinking of in my earlier posts. Maybe i’ll use the light wire to weave into some sort of object.

Or It’d be cool to make my own canvas out of yarn and use that for something.

Ideas for my project

What I want to use:


-Fiber optics


What I want to do:

-It’d be really cool if I could make person out of some sort of fiber optics that would be sort of like a mannequin that can light up.

-I would really like to do something crazy with knitting, if I can figure something out.

That’s all the ideas I have for now.

The resident I would like to work with…

Drummmmm role please!

Just kidding, I would like to work with Carrie Mae Rose. I think I could really help her out and that she could help me as well with my own project. I think we share a few similar interests and that’s cool.

I also like that’d it’d be a lot of hands-on work, or at least I think it would be, so that’d be really awesome!